Archeage 3.0 Getting your Mistsong weapons






Materials Needed for your first tier.

76 Abyssal shards

3 Mistmight stones

30 Sunstrength stones

8 Sunlight archeum Crystals – 3 crystals and 1 essence

7 Sturdy ingot or Fine lumber depending on gear


If you work fast and efficient you can gain everything in less than a week.

How to go about the farming.

First off you want to run EVERY dungeon once everyday at least, dungeons like Kroloal Cradle and Burning Castle should be run multiple times if you get the chance, they all have daily quests giving you shards and they all drop valuable materials for your weapon.

You also want to save your gold, once you have crafted your weapon you are going to want to either take it to Divine or Celestial, preferably Divine though, remember that you can also gain a very powerful armor set from these dungeons so do your research and select an armor set that has great benefits for your class, i.e. Kroloal Cradle gear for Darkrunners and Greater Howling abyss gear for Abolishers and tanks.

One important thing to understand is that ANY of the current Greater Dungeon weapons can be used to craft a mistsong weapon so just take the first weapon that drops for you and use that, Aria’s Autograph lets you select a weapon of your own choosing once you open it after crafting it, there’s absolutely no RNG involved like there is with regular crafted gear.

If you don’t want to look up this guide all the time I can recommend you use this image as a guide forward – CREDITS TO NOVASI OF KoS – This covers almost everything in terms of what you have to farm, how and where.

Volkner – KoS

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