Current Admin Responsibilities:

*NOTE TO STAFF: Please do not take it personally if you are removed from a position due to inactivity or disinterest. Also please courteously let someone know if you would like to step down from a position ahead of time.
KoS-Owner-Tag – Owner:

KoS-Co-Owner-Tag – Co-Owner:

Poet is the founder and creator of KoS gaming. Viwau has now been added as co-owners of the KoS gaming brand. Poet & Viwau essentially are directing the growth of KoS gaming community. Owners also act as the supervisors to make sure everyone else is taking care of their responsibilities. Unit and Mixology are Co-owners.


 KoS-Community-Manager-Tag – Community Manager:

Community manager is responsible for overseeing and guiding the Community members and Moderators. Responsible for accepting or denying applications. Handles community-wide announcements, such as events, major community changes. Assists the owners with day-to-day operations.

 KoS-Community-Moderator-Tag – Community Moderator:

Primarily, Community Moderators moderate the community, serving as a mediator and moral compass. Works to solve disputes among community members, if disputes can’t be resolved, they defer to the Community Manager. They make sure the values of the community are upheld and enforced.

Community Moderators may also help manage content for games listed that do not have Game Managers.

KoS-Tech-Support-Tag – Tech Support:

Handles infrastructure of forums, teamspeak and website.

Game Moderators:

Acts as a ‘guild leader’ for the game they are playing. Responsible for recruitment and upkeep of the community in that specific game. Keeping people informed by constantly updating and posting on forums and encouraging people to go read those forums. Plans events for guild, etc.

-Daily log into forums and update what your game is up to. Make sure that the patch notes are current. Make sure that in the forums have all the information that a “new” or potential “new” player can find his way around and locate Kill on Sight players.
-Once the specific game that you are moderating drops below 5 consistent players your moderator tag may be removed. If this happens your tag can be returned once your game picks up. Currently we are looking at 1 MOD for 5 consistent players.

KoS-Social-Media-Manager-Tag – Social Media Admin:

The Social Media Admin is responsible for the upkeep of the listed social media sites, and updating content on those social media sites. The Social Media Admin is also permitted to act as a community moderator, enforcing the rules of conduct.

KoS-Youtube-Affiliate-Tag  LCPC – CapricornYouTube Channel

Affiliates indirectly promote the Kill on Sight brand through their own brand and vice versa.