Armored Warfare

obsidian_entertainment                                          Where does one start when talking about great games in the making. Armored Warfare is brought to us by Obsidian Entertainment the great minds behind such games as Never-winter Nights, Pathfinder, Fallout:New Vegas, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 and many many more great games.


aw_pve_screenshot_003 In the games first hour or so you get a sense of what a modern piece of military hardware can really do from its large bore fire power to the massive engines these beast have under the hood. Firing your weapon is a cool experience the games engine and graphics allow for the kick up of dirt and debris on the ground that is visually appealing and feels as if your watching a movie.


Armored Warfare is a game about Cold War Era, Current Modern and Future Production Tanks. Choose one of the three tank trees the game provides and gain xp thru missions and PvP until you unlock the next tank and so on and so forth. The selection of armor in the game is very wide and varied from the Wheeled Tank Destroyer to the Main Battle Tanks of today’s military’s and so much more. The games Missions are really engaging and really tough at some points and make you think out your next move as you and your team maneuver to each objective.


1920_1080_aw-016_85Armored Warfare is currently in Testing phase but has a lot to offer just as it is and the team building the game is nowhere near finished and is adding more and more to the game every month. Starting Sep 6.2016 AW will be hosting its first Season 0 on the PTS Server that is accessed thru the games very easy to use Launcher. The event will last around Four weeks. So go check out one of gaming’s soon to be most played games. So get in start your adventure in AW.



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