Fortnite – E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer And Release

Epic Games has announced that the third-person action building game will release for Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One through paid Early Access beginning on July 25

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Violence
Fortnite is the Action Building game from Epic Games coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac in paid Early Access on July 25. Pre-order a Founder’s Pack to get a four-day head start beginning on July 21 along with the Storm Master Weapon Pack! Learn more at

Dark and Light Announces Early Access

Out of nowhere Snail Games announces Early access to the much anticipated MMO Dark & Light.

Published on Jul 18, 2017

The wait is nearly over – Dark and Light is coming to Steam Early Access on July 20!

Dark and Light puts you in an immersive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. In this world, you will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic. Join one of three factions, build your own noble house, and take on other players to dominate the world of Archos.

Dark and Light on Steam:…
Official Website:
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Archeage 3.0 Getting your Mistsong weapons






Materials Needed for your first tier.

76 Abyssal shards

3 Mistmight stones

30 Sunstrength stones

8 Sunlight archeum Crystals – 3 crystals and 1 essence

7 Sturdy ingot or Fine lumber depending on gear


If you work fast and efficient you can gain everything in less than a week.

How to go about the farming.

First off you want to run EVERY dungeon once everyday at least, dungeons like Kroloal Cradle and Burning Castle should be run multiple times if you get the chance, they all have daily quests giving you shards and they all drop valuable materials for your weapon.

You also want to save your gold, once you have crafted your weapon you are going to want to either take it to Divine or Celestial, preferably Divine though, remember that you can also gain a very powerful armor set from these dungeons so do your research and select an armor set that has great benefits for your class, i.e. Kroloal Cradle gear for Darkrunners and Greater Howling abyss gear for Abolishers and tanks.

One important thing to understand is that ANY of the current Greater Dungeon weapons can be used to craft a mistsong weapon so just take the first weapon that drops for you and use that, Aria’s Autograph lets you select a weapon of your own choosing once you open it after crafting it, there’s absolutely no RNG involved like there is with regular crafted gear.

If you don’t want to look up this guide all the time I can recommend you use this image as a guide forward – CREDITS TO NOVASI OF KoS – This covers almost everything in terms of what you have to farm, how and where.

Volkner – KoS

Teamspeak 3 Server Changes

We have Upgraded our teamspeak information and You can now log on using , Please make the changes ASAP So you will not have any issues once the IP Is changed over. All Direct Links on the website and forums will be updated to Help make the transition to the new server With little complications.

Black Desert Cooking Guide

Black desert Online Cooking Guide Recipe

Dish Ingredients Result
Vinegar 1 fruit , 1 yeast,

1 sugar, 1 grain

Cooking ingredient
Flour Find any grain, press “L”, choose second option (grinding), grind it to get flour Cooking ingredient


Press “L” -> mixing,

then mix bottled water  and flour

Cooking ingredient


1 fruit, 1 flour, 1 yeast Cooking ingredient


Find a cow at a farm or pasture,

interact with it to initiate a mini-game

Cooking ingredient


Press “L” -> drying,

then dry milk

Cooking ingredient


Press “L” -> mixing,

then shake milk and sugar

Cooking ingredient


Press “L” -> mixing,

then shake cream and salt

Cooking ingredient


Send your workers to a chicken farm,

for each 10 chicken meat

you’ll get ~3 eggs

Cooking ingredient
Dressing mixture


1 olive oil, 1 egg

2 salt, 1 bottled water

Cooking ingredient
Red sauce


1 base sauce, 2 sugar,

1 meat, 2 bottled water

Cooking ingredient
White sauce


1 base sauce, 1 fruit,

1 milk, 2 wine

Cooking ingredient


1 sugar, 2 yeast,

6 bottled water, 5 grain

Worker recovers 2 Action Points


3 milk, 3 onions,

2 honey, 9 flour

Worker recovers 5 Action Points
Fish fillet chips


7 flour, 2 salt,

3 white sauce, 1 fish

Worker recovers 5 Action points
Cheese pie


7 cheese, 3 butter,

3 eggs, 5 dough

Worker recovers 7 Action Points
Exotic wine


3 dough, 1 syrup,

2 yeast, 5 bottled water

30 min

Fishing speed +1

Aloe yogurt


5 aloe, 2 milk,

3 yeast,  3 sugar

30 min

Fishing speed +1

Fruit wine


3 syrup,

1 exotic wine,

5 fruit, 5 bottled water

60 min

Fishing speed +1

Soft bread


6 dough, 2 yeast,

2 eggs, 3 milk

30 min

Max stamina +100

Lizard kebab


6 lizard meat, 2 red sauce,

6 grain, 4 vegetables, 4 onions

30 min

Max stamina +100

Meat pie


4 meat, 6 dough,

3 sugar, 2 olive oil

60 min

Max stamina +200

Desert dumplings


6 lizard meat, 6 dough,

1 cinnamon, 2 olive oil

60 min

Max stamina +200

Fried fish


1 fish , 2 frying oil, 3 flour 30 min

Movement Speed +1

Fish fillet salad


1 green fish , 2 dressing mixture,

3 onions, 2 cheese

60 min

Movement Speed +1

Meat sandwich


1 soft bread, 7 meat,

3 cheese, 6 vegetables

90 min

Movement Speed +1,

Stamina +200

Grain soup


6 grain, 3 bottled water,

3 wine, 1 salt

30 min

Gathering speed +1



8 vegetables, 4 vinegar,

2 yeast, 2 sugar

60 min

Gathering speed +1

Steamed fish


1 fish , 3 bottled water,

2 salt, 2 garlic

30 min

Accuracy +4

Aloe cookies


5 aloe, 7 dough,

3 honey, 4 sugar

30 min

Aсcuracy +4

Steamed seafood


2 seafood, 3 chili,

6 salt, 6 bottled water

60 min

Accuracy +6

Fruit juice


3 sugar, 5 bottled water,

4 fruit, 1 salt

30 min

Max MP +30

Scented tea


4 flower blossoms,

7 bottled water,

3 honey, 4 fruit

60 min

Max MP +50

Meat stew


2 flour, 3 bottled water,

2 wine, 5 meat

30 min

Max HP +30



8 meat, 3 salt, 1 black pepper,

2 garlic, 2 red sauce

60 min

Max HP +50

Good food


6 meat, 4 flour,

3 bottled water, 1 fish

Pet food

(+40 points)

Organic food


1 green rarity fish , 5 meat,

4 chicken meat, 2 oatmeal

Pet food

(+70 points)

Fried vegetables


6 frying oil, 4 dough,

4 vegetables, 2 eggs

30 min

HP regen +2

Fried chicken


7 chicken meat,

2 eggs, 4 flour, 3 black pepper

60 min

HP regen +5

Grilled sausage


6 meat, 1 onion,

2 black pepper, 2 salt

30 min

All damage  +1

Boiled eggs


6 bottled water, 3 eggs,

1 wine, 1 salt

30 min

All damage  +1



7 meat, 2 base sauce,

2 onions, 4 chili

60 min

All damage +2

Ham sandwich


2 soft bread,

2 grilled sausage,

4 eggs, 5 vegetables

90 min

All damage +3,

Accuracy +8

Black pudding


1 oatmeal, 1 pickles,

5 chicken meat, 7 pig blood

90 min

All damage + 3,

damage vs humans +2

Seafood grilled with butter


1 seafood, 3 butter,

2 salt, 1 olive oil

30 min

Attack speed +1

Smoked fish steaks


1 green rarity fish ,

3 olive oil, 2 salt

60 min

Attack speed +1

Cheese gratin


1 grilled sausage,

3 cheese,  5 dough,

3  red sauce, 4 vegetables

90 min

Max HP +70,

Attack speed +1

Seafood salad with mushrooms


1 seafood, 3 mushrooms,

2 dressing mixture,

30 min

Carrying weight +20

Meat pasta


5 meat, 4 dough,

2 garlic, 3 black pepper

60 min

Carrying weight +40

Stamina +200

Honeycomb cookies


6 honey, 2 eggs,

4 dough, 4 milk

90 min

Carrying Weight +50,

Fishing speed +1

Roasted vegetables


5 vegetables, 2 chili,

2 olive oil, 1 salt

30 min

Jumping height

Fruit pudding


5 fruit, 1 cream,

3 milk, 2 sugar

30 min

MP regen +2

Fruit and vegetable salad


2 vinegar,  4 fruit,

4 vegetables, 4 wine

60 min

MP regen +5

Steamed fowl


5 chicken meat, 3 vegetables,

2 salt, 2 vinegar,

2 syrup

60 min

Experience +3%



2 scented tea, 3 milk,

1 salt, 2 butter

90 min

Combat and crafting experience +5%

Meat croquette


8 meat, 5 flour, 4 frying oil,

2 eggs, 2 cheese

90 min

Experience +5%

Assorted snacks


3 cheese, 1 fried chicken,

2 seafood, 5 fruit

90 min

Crafting experience +5%

Milk tea 2 scented tea,

3 honey,

3 milk, 2 flour

90 min

Experience +8%,

MP regen +5

Stir-fry seafood


1 seafood, 2 white sauce,

2 chili, 4 vegetables

30 min

Casting speed +1

Seafood pasta


2 seafood, 5 dough,

3 wine, 3 garlic

60 min

Casting speed +1

Fruit pie


6 dough, 6 fruit,

3 cream, 4 sugar

90 min

Max MP +70,

Casting Speed +1

Meat soup


 5 bottled water, 5 meat,

3 black pepper, 2 cream

30 min

Critical Strike +1

Fish soup


3 flour, 1 fish , 2 cream,

6 bottled water

60 min

Critical Strike +1



5 grain, 2 olive oil,

5 eggs, 2 salt

60 min

All defenses +2



3 honey,  2 sugar,

6 bottled water,

2 syrup

60 min

All defenses +2

Meat salad


8 meat, 4 dressing mixture,

3 black pepper, 2 vinegar

90 min

All defenses +3,

HP regen +5

Salted fish


1 fish , 3 vinegar,

4 salt, 2 yeast

60 min

Familiarity amount +5%



1 cinnamon, 2 dried pig meat,

3 milk, 2 bottled water

60 min

Vigor points +10

Advanced carrot juice


1 green rarity carrot, 3 sugar,

3 flour, 4 bottled water

Horse HP +200
Special carrot juice


1 blue rarity carrot, 3 sugar,

3 flour, 4 bottled water

Horse HP +300
Steamed whale meat


1 whale meat, 1 honey,

2 salt,

4 garlic, 6 bottled water

75 min

Damage reduction +2

Evasion +8

Whale meat salad 1 whale meat, 3 eggs,

6 cabbage, 3 black pepper,

2 dressing mixture

75 min

Experience +10%

Vigor points +10


Formal Dishes (Rank and lvl 6 or higher)


Dish Ingredients Result
Calpheon formal


1 milk tea,

1 cheese pie,

2 soft bread,

1 meat pasta,

1 fish fillet salad

90 min

All defenses +5

Max HP + 100

HP regen +5

Serentia formal


1 ham sandwich,

1 honeycomb cookies,

2 boiled eggs,

2 fruit wine,

1 meat pie

90 min

All damage +5

Critical chance +5%

Accuracy +10

Valencia North West formal


1 cheese gratin,

1 meat croquette

1 smoked fish steaks

2 beer,

2 roasted vegetables

90 min

Movement speed +2

Fishing speed +2

Gathering speed +2

Medea formal


1 black pudding,

1 oatmeal,

2 exotic wine,

2 grilled sausage,

1 meat salad

90 min

All damage +5

Attack speed +1

Cast speed +1

Knight’s war provisions


1 black pudding,

1 ham sandwich,

1 fruit wine

1 meat croquette

90  min

All damage +5

Damage vs humans +5

All defenses +5

Simple Food and cooking delivery goods (processing)


Dish Ingredients Result
Grain juice


1 bottled water, 3 grain +75-125 HP potion
Concentrated grain juice


3 grain juice +125 HP potion
Enriched grain juice


3 concentrated grain juice +200 HP potion
Delivery box: apprentice cook


15 meat stew Delivery

base price: 5,100

delivery price: 12,750

Delivery box: apprentice cook


10 fried fish

5 exotic wine


base price: 2,250

delivery price: 5,625

Delivery box:skilled cook


15 steak Delivery

base price: 10,500

delivery price: 26,250

Delivery box: skilled cook


20 fruit pudding Delivery

base price: 6,800

delivery price: 17,000

Delivery box: skilled cook


10 soft bread,

5 fruit juice


base price: 3,650

delivery price: 9,125

Delivery box: skilled cook


10 boiled eggs

5 oatmeal


base price: 3,700

delivery price: 9,250

Delivery box: professional cook


10 meat pie,

10 steamed seafood


base price: 14,520

delivery price: 36,300

Delivery box:professional cook


10 scented tea,

10 honeycomb cookies


base price: 27,610

delivery price: 69,025

Delivery box: professional cook


25 omelette Delivery

base price: 13,475

delivery price: 33,687

Delivery box: professional cook


20 seafood pasta Delivery

base price: 17,600

delivery price: 43,750

Delivery box: craftsman cook


10 sumptuous steamed seafood,

15 meat croquette


base price: 32,580

delivery price: 81,450

Delivery box:craftsman cook


20 fruit wine,

10 plain meat pie


base price: 37,920

delivery price: 94,800

Delivery box:craftsman cook


20 bitter mead Delivery

base price: 30,960

delivery price: 77,400

Delivery box: craftsman cook


30 desert dumplings Delivery

base price: 57,270

delivery price: 143,175

Delivery box: master cook


50 sutaecha Deliver

base price: 73,500

delivery price: 183,750

Delivery box: master cook


20 fish fillet chips

10 thick juicy steak


base price: 19,200

delivery price: 48,000

Delivery box: master cook


15 sweet fruit wine

15 crispy meat croquette


base price: 27,600

delivery price: 69,000

Delivery box: master cook


20 bloody black pudding Delivery

base price: 63,000

delivery price: 157,700

Components substitution


Item Possible substitutions
Any component 5 Common rarity = 3 green (uncommon) = 1 blue (rare)

3 white = 1 green

(e.g. instead of 5 fruit with white border

you can put 1 with blue or 3 with green)

Fruit apple, grapes, strawberry
Grain corn, wheat, barley, potato, sweet potato
Vegetable pumpkin, tomato, cabbage, paprika

but not carrot

Meat any meat

but not lizard or chicken meat (닭고기)

Fish 2 dried fish, 1 dried green rarity fish
Some dishes as component Some proc components requires 50% quantity: blue scented tea, blue grilled sausages, oatmeal etc

(e.g. for milk tea you need 1 blue rarity scented tea instead of 2 green)

Green rarity fish 4 dried fish, 2 dried green rarity fish,

1 dried blue rarity fish


(star, squid, crabs,etc)

2 dried seafood
Flower blossom roses, tulips, sunflowers

Perpetuum Online

Perp_logoPerpetuum is a persistent, sandbox, single server, massively multiplayer sci-fi rpg (MMORPG). Control huge robots and mechs to gain access to an alien planet’s resources and knowledge, amass huge wealth, or even claim part of the world for yourself using terraforming and complex infrastructure.

As soon as you create your character, you will be deposited on Nia as an Agent of Project Perpetuum. Your first task will be to complete the tutorial programs laid out for you. These will teach you the basic controls and mechanics of the game, but you can interrupt the tutorial at anytime and do whatever you like.

We would strongly encourage new players to complete all the tutorial assignments offered in your starting Terminal as well. Each assignment takes you through a further mechanic of the game –travel, combat, delivery, and so on –and gives you a reward that can be put to good use after the tutorial is completed. The final assignment even gives you a proper starting combat robot!

After you complete the tutorial assignments, you can continue to work for the Syndicate solo by completing other assignments offered at the terminals, or you can find a new corporation to join with the Recruitment function, if the social aspects of the game appeal to you.

Video provided by: MMOHutts

Black Desert Release Date

wallpaper-rangerBlack Desert Online Releases March 3, Second Closed Beta Registration Begins

01 February 2016 21:30

Dear players,

We are finally able to announce the all important date. Black Desert Online will launch on the 3rd of March. We want to thank you for all of your feedback and support over the last couple of months.

Pre-orders and second closed beta
You have until February 26th, 08:00 UTC to place your pre-order, if you want to benefit from the early access and special item packages.

In addition, today marks the start of the second Closed Beta sign-up. Players can register herefor a chance to participate in the second and final Closed Beta Test, set to begin February 18th. Those who pre-ordered the Explorer’s or Conqueror’s package need not register and will be automatically granted access.

To keep you occupied in the meanwhile, don’t forget the free Character Creator. Available as afree download, the tool allows you to import your characters into both the full Black Desert Online game and the second Closed Beta Test. Download the Character Creator here

You still have a few days to participate in the Beauty and The Beast contest. We are accepting entries for The Beast phase of the contest on the event page, where the most dreadful characters made using the Character Creator can earn you Beta keys, t-shirts, limited edition statues, and more.

The Devision Locations

The-DivisionTom Clancy’s The Division takes place in New York City, predominately in Manhattan. It has been separated into districts. Almost all districts have a SafeHouse which acts a social hub area. Each district has a level range to showing the levels of enemies that will spawn there. Entering a zone for the first time will mark it as discovered and give exp.

Regular Map 

  • Camp Hudson (level 3-4)
  • Chelsea (level 2-4)
  • Clinton (level 14-15)
  • Flatiron District (level 15-16)
  • Garment District (level 5-9)
  • Gramercy (level 16-18)
  • Hell’s Kitchen (level 10-13)
  • Hudson Yards (level 2-4)
  • Kips Bay (level 20-23)
  • Midtown East (level 28-30)
  • Murray Hill (level 24-26)
  • Pennsylvania Plaza (level 3-5)
  • Stuyvesant (level 18-19)
  • Tenderloin (level 9-12)
  • Times Square (level 10-13)
  • Turtle Bay (level 27-28)

Dark Zone 

  • DZ01 (level 10-12)
  • DZ02 (level 13-15)
  • DZ03 (level 16-18)
  • DZ04 (level 22-24)
  • DZ05 (level 27-29)
  • DZ06 (level 29-30)

Raid Zones 

  • Rikers Island (Rikers Raid)
  • The Upper East Side (LMB Raid)

Black Desert Online Bounty System

  1. Player A goes to a Bounty Hunter NPC
    • Some of these NPCs need to be in Towns without guards.
    • Setting a Bounty has a fixed silver price.
    • Costs to set bounty will in-/decrease based on Karma amount of target player; the lower the Karma, the cheaper the bounty initiation and vice versa
    • The Target needs to be at PvP Level.
    • Various checks will be in place to prevent abuse.
      • Examples
        • Can’t place bounty with same family
        • Limitation to max bounties per target / time
        • Limitation on max bounties a player can set / time
  2. Once the Bounty is in place, other players will be able to attack the Target outside of Safe Zones.
    • You have to flag to attack the Target, but you do not lose Karma.
    • Player A cannot claim the Bounty.
    • Player A will lose Karma normally for attacking the Target.
    • Bounties expire after X days if they are not completed.
    • The Target does not lose Karma for killing their attacker.
  3. When the Target is killed the Bounty is removed.
    • Who ever lands the killing blow can loot a Bounty Hunter Seal.
    • Bounty Hunter Seals can be exchanged for Karma, title or other possible benefits.
    • Bounty Hunter Seals are character bound.


Keep in mind this is just the overview, we will put checks and balances in place to ensure this system cannot be abused or exploited.  That being said, we would like to have your suggestions and feedback.  Please keep the discussion constructive, and if you see other threads about this topic let me know and I will merge them.


PM_Belsazar: Additional note from my end; so far developers are generally interested in adding new features such as a bounty hunter system. This discussion is merely setup to give a direction and to gather some constructive ideas that we can filter and include in our proposal to developers. If something will be developed in this direction, it will most likely not happen before launch, as it will require time and thorough testing before deploying it to any service. So please be patient. And as always, we will keep you updated about any progress we make. Thank you ^_^*



  • As a player with an Active Bounty on your head, you do not lose karma for self defense.
  • All participants of the Bounty System must be of the designated PvP Level (this is being increased from CBT-1)
  • Bounties are placed on Family Names, you will not be able to use multiple characters to exploit the system

Karma & Flagging v2.0

Below you will find an updated flowchart outlining a potential Flagging and Karma system, as with the Bounty System this is still just conceptual, but we would like your feedback.  This system would function with or without the Bounty Hunter system, but is designed to support the Bounty hunter System



  • Rogue and Outlaw players can PvP each other all they like with no penalties.
  • If both players are flagged for PvP they can fight each other with no penalties.
  • The [Feud-Buff] is granted to the Target if they are killed in PvP.
  • Enchant & Item loss has been removed.

Original Thread can be found Here