Fortnite – E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer And Release

Epic Games has announced that the third-person action building game will release for Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One through paid Early Access beginning on July 25

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Violence
Fortnite is the Action Building game from Epic Games coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac in paid Early Access on July 25. Pre-order a Founder’s Pack to get a four-day head start beginning on July 21 along with the Storm Master Weapon Pack! Learn more at

Dark and Light Announces Early Access

Out of nowhere Snail Games announces Early access to the much anticipated MMO Dark & Light.

Published on Jul 18, 2017

The wait is nearly over – Dark and Light is coming to Steam Early Access on July 20!

Dark and Light puts you in an immersive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. In this world, you will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic. Join one of three factions, build your own noble house, and take on other players to dominate the world of Archos.

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Dark and Light MMO : Take Two

Earlier this month I covered on an extremely thrilling new game that is due to release pretty soon thru Snail Games. At the time only a bit was known about the game but over the last few weeks much has come to the surface about what the game will entail.

The game puts you in the seat of one of 12 Races and over 14 Classes allowing you to choose 1 of the 3 factions to fight for supreme dominance over a massive open world. A mix of Survival and MMO you will work your way thru Sea, Air and Land by conquering area and taming Animals and Creatures you run across.

The game will have pve and pvp servers at launch. So if your looking for a great game to look forward too then this may be your game. Check out some of these links and get to know the game and our community.


MU: Legend Online

MU Online has been a game that has endured the Ages. Spanning more than 13 Years and is still kicking. Webzen is bringing the world a new and exciting MMORPG called Mu:Legends or as its commonly nicknamed MU2 to the MMO table. Being the spiritual successor to its predecessor the new game has outstanding Graphics and bunches of new features. A Diablo meets MMORPG style game where you pick a class and slash and burn your way thru hordes and waves of enemy’s in maps designed to challenge even the most dedicated and hardcore gamer. Getting loot as you go leveling your character and becoming stronger and stronger so that you may challenge more and more difficult levels. Mu: Legends is set to release at the end of 2016 or in the first quarter of 2017 make sure you set the date and get ready to experience what may be one of the best Free to Play MMO’s to date.

Mafia 3

Mafia has been an interesting series that has span over 10+ years starting in 2003 and has continued well into 2016. In the first 2 series you are a Italian Mobster looking to make a name for himself and write wrongs. The newest edition to the series Mafia 3 puts you in the shoes of Lincoln Clay a Mixed race gentlemen during the late 1960’s a Vietnam veteran who has returned home to New Bordeaux a fictionalized version of New Orleans. In short without ruining the game your immediate family is torn apart and you are here to bring a vigilant hand to the city to right wrongs on a personal level. Making decisions where and who in your small mafia gets what its up to you. Terrorizing the season to make a name for yourself and righting wrongs is what                                                                                                                 the game is about. Remember its your city and its up to you.

                                                                      Check out Mafia 3 Website –                                                                                                                                                                                    And on Steam                                                                                                      

Dark and Light MMO

Sometimes a game comes along with major potential and leaves as soon as its released or completely off the radar of gamers. Well that was the case with Dark and Light back in 2006. The games original feel was like Everquest met Ark Survival and was very enjoyable but was extremely buggy and was felt programmed in haste. The technology for a game of its magnitude just want there in 2006 and it led to many bad reviews.  Here now almost ten years later in 2016 a surprise was shown and what could that be a trailer for Dark and Light re-released with brand new up to date Graphics and now with technology being as it is I think this game is ready to take on the world of MMO’s. Originally released by Reunion Island and shut down it                                                                                                                  2008 it looks like Snail games is breathing new life into this game.



Not much is known about the new re-release or what will be in the game but what is known it is a massive open world sandbox game with many different Classes as well as a  Town/City building mechanic, Guilds, Animal Taming and Crafting. Dark and Light should be releasing in Early Access on Steam around the Fall of 2016. So check out the videos and pictures and look into it yourself it well could be the next big game of the decade.


Armored Warfare

obsidian_entertainment                                          Where does one start when talking about great games in the making. Armored Warfare is brought to us by Obsidian Entertainment the great minds behind such games as Never-winter Nights, Pathfinder, Fallout:New Vegas, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 and many many more great games.


aw_pve_screenshot_003 In the games first hour or so you get a sense of what a modern piece of military hardware can really do from its large bore fire power to the massive engines these beast have under the hood. Firing your weapon is a cool experience the games engine and graphics allow for the kick up of dirt and debris on the ground that is visually appealing and feels as if your watching a movie.


Armored Warfare is a game about Cold War Era, Current Modern and Future Production Tanks. Choose one of the three tank trees the game provides and gain xp thru missions and PvP until you unlock the next tank and so on and so forth. The selection of armor in the game is very wide and varied from the Wheeled Tank Destroyer to the Main Battle Tanks of today’s military’s and so much more. The games Missions are really engaging and really tough at some points and make you think out your next move as you and your team maneuver to each objective.


1920_1080_aw-016_85Armored Warfare is currently in Testing phase but has a lot to offer just as it is and the team building the game is nowhere near finished and is adding more and more to the game every month. Starting Sep 6.2016 AW will be hosting its first Season 0 on the PTS Server that is accessed thru the games very easy to use Launcher. The event will last around Four weeks. So go check out one of gaming’s soon to be most played games. So get in start your adventure in AW.



For more info use these websites for some Great Info :

Battlefield 1

Where do I even start talking about this amazing game?                           After countless hours spent in the beta it has captivated me unlike any other FPS game ever has its extremely immersive and feels like your in the fray of World War 1. The games graphics are an updated realistic version of the Frosbite Engine. The combat is really good and you do not feel as if your being shot by weapons with unrealistic mods. Everything in the game has a purpose from the Anti-Grenade Bundles to the WW1 SMG’s you carry to maim your enemy.

The game is set in the area of Britain versus the Ottoman Empire but I’m sure the game will feature more countries. The customization is really cool and is not overly complicated. The tanks in the game are a lot of fun. I hopped into my Renault FT Tank and went to town a bit slow and clunky as were all tanks of that era but you feel like a tank driver/gunner and is really immersive. The typical Battlefield classes are there Assault, Medic, Sniper and so on but they actually have uses unlike that last BF games they are there own unique looks and feel as well as play ability.

So far I have only seen two game modes Rush and Conquest, One allowing you to take objectives spread across the battlefield and another a series of objectives that you take or defend one by one in a sequence.All that being said Battlefield 1 is looking like it may be the best the series has ever offered up to date.


Come Join KoS Gaming in our new endevour, Revelations is a New MMO with a twist of Aion meets ArcheAge feel with a step better graphics, launching sometime by the end of 2016 the game will be offering 6 Classes each with 4 specializations giving a total of 24 ways to play the game. Have wings will fly is definitely apart of this games mechanics just as Aion had flight this game takes the wings to a whole new level with pretty graphics and Ariel combat.

Crafting, World PvP, Sieges, Aerial Combat, Mounts, World bosses do I need to say more. This game is shaping up to be an awesome experience for Hardcore and Casual Player’s.

KoS Gaming will be playing Revelations at launch and is looking forward to adding another chapter to our already Growing repertoire of games. Start your journey with Kill on Sight Today and be apart of our 15+ year Community.

Head to KillonSight.Info and Join our Growing Family

Of Kings And Men


To Call Of Kings And Men another Hack and Slash Medieval Persistent Game would be make you wrong. Released on Aug,25,2016 on Steam it has turned many heads a game that came out of left field and few new of its existence. It has garnered a lot of attention from Mount and Blade fans and many of the medieval MMO lovers.

This game places you in the shoes of a peasant and you have to mold them into a soldier of your liking whether it be Archer or Sword and board or pole arm and even from the back of a horse its up to you. The gear in the game is earned thru progression use one item and the next one is unlocked as you continually use it. There is level progression as you gain XP you level your stats.

As of this writing there are Four game modes all with drastically different game play. The first being the most important known as “Epic” it gives you a large map with hexes that Factions and Guilds attack and take control of giving your people prestige and renown it is releasing on Sep 1. Conquest takes a big chunk of your time being one of the main 2 modes most people play at the moment it places you in the thick of battle fighting for Capture and hold points amongst hundreds of other players. Duel is another game mode and is exactly as it sounds you versus another player testing your personal skills.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in then check it out on steam. Of Kings and Men is an amazing game and it will not disappoint. Much more is to take place after its initial Early Release a Huge open world and Much much much more.