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PostPosted: April 20th, 2017, 3:57 pm
by Impulse
Hi Guys,

I joined KoS a few years ago, I met Poet in H1Z1. We played Reign of Kings together also. I started streaming live on twitch over a week ago. I started streaming Pokemon Go as first Dutch streamer. I also streamed when I got legend on Hearthstone (top 4k players out of 50mil). I belong to the Hearthstone elite and I'm gonna look to join tournaments as soon as I can. I also got a few coaches.

A few days ago I bought Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and I found you guys online. My 3th duo game I got 3th place with 2 kills and 3 assists and my 5th game as a squad. We got winner winner chicken dinner together. I used to stream H1Z1, Dayz Standalone and World of Warcraft aswel.

Please give me a follow on twitch and tune in whenever you can. You can also find more info about me on my twitch panels underneath my stream (twitch profile):

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