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Rules of Conduct

PostPosted: January 2nd, 2015, 10:01 am
by Garahel
Rules of Conduct & Community Values

Rule 1: First and foremost,“Drink the Kool-aid.”

Rule 2: KoS is not anyone player, We are a T E A M!

Rule 3: Respect yourself and others.

Rule 4: Don’t embarrass the Guild. Mature play is expected, but
keep your disputes in check.

Rule 5: Remember this is a Gaming Community, It is intended for F U N.

Rule 6: Try to help Guild Mates if you have the time, resources,
and ability. However, don’t over do it or neglect your REAL life needs.

Rule 7: Support your Gaming Community Leadership in a positive manner.

Rule 8: Cursing is acceptable, vulgarity is not.

Rule 9: Be patient, disciplined, and team oriented. Rules, roles,
and functions will evolve as the game and Community members do.