TeamSpeak Rules

TeamSpeak Rules

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Microphone activation

* We strongly encourage the use of 'push to talk' mode as a way to activate your microphone.
* Using 'voice activation' mode is allowed when using a headset or headphones, but make sure to set up sensitivity in such way that your microphone isn't triggered by your breathing
* Using 'voice activation' mode while using speakers is highly discouraged, since it often causes your microphone to be activated by in-game sounds, and can cause irritating echo effects.

General Rules:

* Names that are sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting are not allowed.
* English is the preferred language on the teamspeak server. Using other languages is allowed when talking in private or when all people in the channel understand that language.
* Using another language to exclude other people in the channel, or to dodge teamspeak rules is not allowed.
* No sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks.
* No advertising other Communities servers.
* No chatting in the AFK room.
* No unnecessary/unwanted poke spam.
* No flooding the text chat with spam.
* Do not pop into other rooms for the sole purpose of causing a disturbance and leave again.
* If you can't get along with someone on TS, do not argue over mics in a crowded room.
* No whining about getting kicked while in the "AFK Room" to make room for others.
* DO NOT join TS to whine that you got banned from one of our private servers, you'll be banned from TS as well.
* If you are mic spamming music etc. and someone doesn't enjoy it, be respectful and stop.
* Please use a name that others will be able to recognize you as from in-game.
* Using our teamspeak server for clan practice, meetings etc. is not allowed unless you have permission from one of the Kill on Sight Super Admins to do so.
* Make sure to switch to the appropriate channel when playing a specific game

Kill on Sight/Admin Rules:

* Teamspeak channel admins and server admins are recognizable by a Gold A and / or Game tag behind their nickname.
* Our admins reserve the right to warn and subsequently remove anyone from teamspeak for any disruptive behavior or rule breaking.
* If you are banned from the forums then you are no longer permitted to join our teamspeak server.
* If there is no reason to be in the "Administration" rooms, do not be in there.
* Do not move people just for the sake of messing with them.
* Do not put priority speaker on yourself unless you have expressed consent.
* No editing other player's descriptions (unless they ask you to write a lovely autobiography).

Event/Raid Rules:

* Do not join the event/raid rooms if you are not taking part in the event.
* Do not go into the wrong room (eg. being on Group 1 and entering Group 2
* If you see people who appear to be having a meeting, please respect their privacy and message them to ask if you may join before you join and interrupt.
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