Gloria Victus MMO

So you might be asking yourself “What in the heck is Gloria Victus ? ” GV is set in Medieval times. Four factions duke it out for territory. The best way to describe the Four nations in the game are to give you some adjectives.

“Empire of Azebia” – Think Sultans, Desert Warriors and Assassins “Nordheim or Ismirs” – Vikings, Germanic Warriors and Axes “Midlanders” – Knights, and Kings with Castles                     “Sangarians” – Think of Byzantium, Riches and Gilded weapons

It is a no Holds bar PvP MMO when you die in this game say bye bye to your gear. The enemy has a chance to take part or all of your gear depending on your personal level and Notoriety. When players loot you gear and Items they have points associated with them and a player can only loot up to the points there allotted for your corpse.

Player Created Guilds along with there factions conquer Towns and Castles allowing their Nations to spawn in them and trade and Sell as well as seek sanctuary from roaming groups of Players.

Everything in the game is mainly player crafted. Materials are abundant and easy to find. Anything in the game can be worn at any level. Players level the way they want to and place there attributes in the normal RPG stats such as Strength and Dexterity. The abilities screen allows you to further your customization to cater to your play style whether it is Bowman or the Sword and Shield player or even a mix.

So if your interested the game is on steam at the moment and is currently in soft launch/Beta stage and is not completely finished and is being worked on and patched weekly and sometimes daily. At its current state only Midlanders and Isimirs are playable.

So Come check it out if Hardcore PvP medieval game play is your thing.


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