Come Join KoS Gaming in our new endevour, Revelations is a New MMO with a twist of Aion meets ArcheAge feel with a step better graphics, launching sometime by the end of 2016 the game will be offering 6 Classes each with 4 specializations giving a total of 24 ways to play the game. Have wings will fly is definitely apart of this games mechanics just as Aion had flight this game takes the wings to a whole new level with pretty graphics and Ariel combat.

Crafting, World PvP, Sieges, Aerial Combat, Mounts, World bosses do I need to say more. This game is shaping up to be an awesome experience for Hardcore and Casual Player’s.

KoS Gaming will be playing Revelations at launch and is looking forward to adding another chapter to our already Growing repertoire of games. Start your journey with Kill on Sight Today and be apart of our 15+ year Community.

Head to KillonSight.Info and Join our Growing Family

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  • LloydClinton

    I’m really hyped for fall 2016 – early 2017 a lot of good games are coming out and from seeing this game, the games that I’ve been waiting for , to come out in a few months, it makes me real happy and it makes me really wanna jump in and help as well as learn in any way I can, now all we need is for MLB to come to the west ASAP

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