Battlefield 1

Where do I even start talking about this amazing game?                           After countless hours spent in the beta it has captivated me unlike any other FPS game ever has its extremely immersive and feels like your in the fray of World War 1. The games graphics are an updated realistic version of the Frosbite Engine. The combat is really good and you do not feel as if your being shot by weapons with unrealistic mods. Everything in the game has a purpose from the Anti-Grenade Bundles to the WW1 SMG’s you carry to maim your enemy.

The game is set in the area of Britain versus the Ottoman Empire but I’m sure the game will feature more countries. The customization is really cool and is not overly complicated. The tanks in the game are a lot of fun. I hopped into my Renault FT Tank and went to town a bit slow and clunky as were all tanks of that era but you feel like a tank driver/gunner and is really immersive. The typical Battlefield classes are there Assault, Medic, Sniper and so on but they actually have uses unlike that last BF games they are there own unique looks and feel as well as play ability.

So far I have only seen two game modes Rush and Conquest, One allowing you to take objectives spread across the battlefield and another a series of objectives that you take or defend one by one in a sequence.All that being said Battlefield 1 is looking like it may be the best the series has ever offered up to date.