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Crowfall are you ready ?
In early 2015 a game was hinted to the internet thru Kickstarter something akin to a new genre with an old school feel. What game am I talking about you might ask well its Crowfall a game created by ArtCraft a Company started by two of the gaming industries finest developers J.Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton who have both worked on some of the greatest games to ever grace the MMO world such as Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online..
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Whole week of info for Crowfall!
Seems play 2 Crush is being generous this week so we are going to be getting info every day! At least I think.Here is the info that dropped yesterday -02/02/15 - Hunger Week... It's About Time. OK, folks. Welcome to Hunger Week! Until now, we’ve been describing the game in general terms.  The real differences between Crowfall and other MMORPGs have been “creeping around the edges”.
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Crowfall comes out with info drop!
Play2Crush released more information about Crowfall today!Check out some new information on the updated FAQ - http://crowfall.com/#/faqALso here is the new page for the Stoneborn Forgemaser Archtype - http://crowfall.com/#/archetype/forgemaster.
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