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Battlefield 1
Where do I even start talking about this amazing game?                           After countless hours spent in the beta it has captivated me unlike any other FPS game ever has its extremely immersive and feels like your in the fray of World War 1. The games graphics are an updated realistic version of the Frosbite Engine. The combat is really good and you do not feel as if your.
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Star Wars Battlefront: The Hype is Real!!!
Star-Wars-Battlefront1Now that E3 is officially over, we can sift through the copious amounts of great games coming to our consoles and PC's. KoS is extremely excited about the upcoming lineup and the community as a whole anxiously await some killer games to drop upon us.One such game that's creating huge buzz is EA's (shutters) upcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront. First footage of this game left us in ah during.
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