30 Years of MMO’s

Wonder and Amazement that allows you the player to delve deep into a world of Fantasy and Adventure. I am of course talking about the MMO. Over 30 years ago nobody had ever dreamed of being able to get on a Personal Computer and log onto the internet and enjoy hours of adventure with hundreds to thousands of other gamers it was just unheard of.

In 1986 “GemStone” was credited as the worlds first MMO it was a MUD with walls of text and script. Almost 30 years later the Library of MMO’s are counted in the 100’s.Some of the games have fallen off int to Obscurity and some have lived on as spiritual successors of other                                                                                                               games and each year they come and go.

The success of the MMO can most likely be traced back to MERIDIAN 59 and then later to the more popular game EVERQUEST. These games being credited for Divorces, Loss of jobs and sometimes even suicide due to people being hooked on them for hours on end and there extreme popularity.

Here is a list of the most popular mmo’s for the last 30 years.

Meridian 59, Everquest 1 and 2, Ultima Online, Underlight, Neverwinter Nights, Eve Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars the Old Republic, Dark Age of Camelot, Runescape, Final Fantasy XI and XIV, Everquest Online Adventures (PS2), Phantasy Star, Matrix Online, Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, Aion, Terra Online, Guild Wars 1&2, LineAge 1&2, City of Heroes, DC Universe Online, Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, StarTrek Online.

Today the MMORPG is a staple of most online gamers and is considered the most go to Genre of game and will most likely continue being that way for a long time especially as Virtual Reality takes hold. What does the future hold for the MMO.

Thank you for reading and taking this trip down memory lane with me.

MU: Legend Online

MU Online has been a game that has endured the Ages. Spanning more than 13 Years and is still kicking. Webzen is bringing the world a new and exciting MMORPG called Mu:Legends or as its commonly nicknamed MU2 to the MMO table. Being the spiritual successor to its predecessor the new game has outstanding Graphics and bunches of new features. A Diablo meets MMORPG style game where you pick a class and slash and burn your way thru hordes and waves of enemy’s in maps designed to challenge even the most dedicated and hardcore gamer. Getting loot as you go leveling your character and becoming stronger and stronger so that you may challenge more and more difficult levels. Mu: Legends is set to release at the end of 2016 or in the first quarter of 2017 make sure you set the date and get ready to experience what may be one of the best Free to Play MMO’s to date.

Lineage II: Helios expansion ready to launch

The wait is over! Helios, the latest free expansion for Lineage II, will soon be coming to NA!




Honorable mentions:

  • more content for players
  • a new zone
  • new raid bosses
  • all-new Faction System
  • hunting zones
  • fishing system
  • clans
  • skills
  • items
  • QUESTS galore!
  • UI overhaul


Epic boss Helios! Lord of the Bifrost!


Raid Boss Ramona.



Korean version movie.

For the full patchnotes, that’re still subject to change, go here.




Aion: Tower of Eternity (5.0) releasing soon…

Due to the great Cataclysm, Elyos and the Asmodians are set on a course to recover their past & truth as they travel to the Tower of Eternity in Aion’s next game expansion, Echoes of Eternity. Are you ready to face your past? We’ll soon find out!



Korean version of the expansion released in November 2015.


As a Daeva, you will soon be able to experience:

Increased maximum level: Become an Archdaeva and progress to level 75!
New instance: Archives of Eternity. Enter the Tower of Eternity for the first time!
New zones: Norsvold and Iluma, two ancient areas locked in time at the base of the tower!


Runescape – The Heart of Gielinor!

The heart of Gielinor (Also known as the Heart or God Wars Dungeon 2 (GWD2)) will be the second God Wars Dungeon in Runescape located in the Kharidian Dessert, North of the Agility Pyramid and West of Nardah.

Although the update its self isn’t due until the 29th of March at the earliest, there is already content out for The Heart of Gielinor. A community event named “The Heart of Gielinor: Encampment was released on the 17th of March, uncovering the entrance to the dungeon.

Like the first God wars Dungeon. 4 Gods will be featured, where the player is able to kill followers of any of the four gods to gain there kill count to the fight the generals.
The gods include Seren, Zaros, Zammorak and Sliske, each with their own general and section in the dungeon. The new generals will feature on the God Scoreboard ingame.

The new dungeon will be a solo orientated experience and will not include complicated mechanics nor will it really require PvM experience.

Like before the player will be required to fight minions to earn kill count witch will then unlock the door to the boss room once the player has killed 40 faction minions. Each boss will drop some sort of god item such as the first GWD bosses that drop god sword hilts and god sword blade shards.

The boss is intended to be that of Nex or similar although without the complexity behind the Mechanics behind her. It is also expected that killing the generals will take far less time than killing Nex, thus manipulating and lowering the drop rate to compensate.

Unlike the original generals in the first GWD the generals in The Heart of Gielinor will not be accompanied by Lieutenants. All though for the Zammorak and Zaros general encounters there is two bosses/generals


Perpetuum Gameplay Try Outs

Well a few days ago thefusion, the person leading the Perpetuum Group in KoS brought it to my attention that he was offering “samples” of perpetuum. Now by samples, I mean a try out as in, you get a chance as a KoS Member or people interested in joining KoS, to try out the game , perpetuum!

Now if your interested seen the gameplay or haven’t and want that hands on action, poke him in our TeamSpeak:ts79.light-speed.com:5637

He has all the materials and everything ready so no need for mining if you love PvP, its waiting for you. They have a nice base that’s impenetrable and would take a lot of dmg to take out. Now theres only 6 of them playing Perpetuum but if people are interested in trying it out and learning from thefusion about it, comment below and tell us when we should expect you in our teamspeak! He’s brought out that with 10+ people they can easily get somewhere and spread around the Perpetuum world and they already have 6 people so with 4 added KoS Perpetuum would be the bomb!

Thank you for letting me take some of your time and once again if your interested KoS member or not, Comment Below!

SMITE is coming to the PS4!

The action-packed, God-fighting MOBA is heading to the Playstation 4 for open beta on March 22nd, 2016!


At that point, the game will be Free to Play to anyone on the PS4, but if you’re eager to play before the 22nd, you can grab a Beta Code by liking SMITE on social media! Click here to verify and unlock your Beta code. For those who are already in the PS4 Beta, you don’t have to do anything except continue enjoying SMITE!

The PS4 Open Beta will be happening alongside SMITE’s 2nd Birthday celebration where we’ll have daily events, crazy sales, and more! Stay tuned in the weeks leading up to find out more.