Dark and Light MMO : Take Two

Earlier this month I covered on an extremely thrilling new game that is due to release pretty soon thru Snail Games. At the time only a bit was known about the game but over the last few weeks much has come to the surface about what the game will entail.

The game puts you in the seat of one of 12 Races and over 14 Classes allowing you to choose 1 of the 3 factions to fight for supreme dominance over a massive open world. A mix of Survival and MMO you will work your way thru Sea, Air and Land by conquering area and taming Animals and Creatures you run across.

The game will have pve and pvp servers at launch. So if your looking for a great game to look forward too then this may be your game. Check out some of these links and get to know the game and our community.




Crowfall are you ready ?

In early 2015 a game was hinted to the internet thru Kickstarter something akin to a new genre with an old school feel. What game am I talking about you might ask well its Crowfall a game created by ArtCraft a Company started by two of the gaming industries finest developers J.Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton who have both worked on some of the greatest games to ever grace the MMO world such as Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online. Collectively they came up with a great idea to bring MMO gaming back to its roots and to allow new gamers and veterans to experience what mmo’s used to be. Crowfall is basically many things and cannot be summed up but I will try. Imagine Game of Thrones met Eve Online and had an affair with Star Wars Galaxies and somehow had something akin to a Dungeons and Dragons Baby thats about as best I can describe it.

The world of Crowfall has campaigns, these scenarios differ from type to type and can change how the game is played from allowing you to take some gear into the world with you that you have accumulated to throwing you into the world with rags. The campaigns also vary in rule sets from Guild vs Guild pvp to open world pvp to PVE game play that has you and your friends versus the denizens of the world. At a certain set time the campaign ends and you start all over again. You keep all of your gear you accumulated in the campaign and return to your own world were you create and build your own living breathing playing field with castles, homes, shops and Armory’s and much much more.

This living space is called the Eternal Kingdom and it is yours and yours alone, allowing friends a bit of space in the world could see you as a lord of your own land. You can chose who enters and who cannot which builds a wonderful place for you to hang out with friends and guild mates. Classes in the game vary from the traditional RPG classes such as Rogue and Wizard types to new classes that wield just flames and one that sees you as a Centaur with a bow and sword. As you gain levels in the skills in the game you can continue the growth of your characters class becoming a new class altogether. The game does not have traditional levels but starts you out at max level. However you have to spend real time learning the next level of an ability or leveling the ability by using it. You can set a skill to be learned while your offline to continue your characters growth so you dont have to spend countless hours in game grinding the skills which will be a big sigh of relief for players who work or just dont have the time to play like Hardcore players. Gear is crafted in the game by players and can be found also by killing npc’s in some campaigns your gear will literally drop off of you if you die by a player so stocking up on your favorite sword will be a must. There is tons more I could talk about but this is mainly just scratching the surface. If you are interested head over to www.crowfall.com and pre order or just check out what more it has to offer.