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A helping hand for Archeage 3.0
With the release of Archeage 3.0 and the new fresh start servers alot has changed in the game, There’s new ways of attaining Ayanard level gear, balance adjustments, new zones, new mechanics with the abyssal skills and the new community centers in every zone.

Leveling and starting gear at 50

When you level you just want to do quests to level, don’t complete them 100% always turn them in at under performed, turning them in early does not.
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Dark and Light MMO : Take Two
Earlier this month I covered on an extremely thrilling new game that is due to release pretty soon thru Snail Games. At the time only a bit was known about the game but over the last few weeks much has come to the surface about what the game will entail.The game puts you in the seat of one of 12 Races and over 14 Classes allowing you to choose 1 of the 3 factions to fight for supreme dominance over.
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Crowfall are you ready ?
In early 2015 a game was hinted to the internet thru Kickstarter something akin to a new genre with an old school feel. What game am I talking about you might ask well its Crowfall a game created by ArtCraft a Company started by two of the gaming industries finest developers J.Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton who have both worked on some of the greatest games to ever grace the MMO world such as Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online..
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood xpac is here!

The Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood content pack out now for PC with the exclusive, and much anticipated guild of assassins: The Dark Brotherhood! The latest DLC game pack allows players to finally join the infamous guild. Do you have what it takes to be one of Tamriel's master assassins? In the business of murder and the clandestine… every shadow has a name! Come make yours! Please visit their patch notes and update list for more information.


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Riders of Icarus Legendary Pack Giveaway

MMOBOMB & the developers of Riders of Icarus are teaming up offer its fans a chance to win a Legendary Pack Giveaway! There are currently FIVE keys left, so act fast before they're all gone! To enter contest please go here and read the instructions. The Legendary Rider’s Founder Pack comes with 7-day Open Beta head start access, four exclusive mounts, exclusive founders title, exclusive weapon and outfit skins, 24 inventory slots, 60-day premium service and more. Open Beta for.

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Swordsman: Lone Wanderer Expansion (coming soon)

Perfect World Entertainment proudly announces their upcoming Lone Wanderer Expansion and have merged servers in the US and EU and have opened a new U.S. West server (Zhou) to prepare for the launch event! A plethora of expansion news, server information and gifts & goodies await!  Be sure to check their facebook page for weekly giveaways and prizes.


Server lineup:

NEW US Server = Zhou [West]
Jian + Gauntlet =.
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Lineage II: Helios expansion ready to launch

The wait is over! Helios, the latest free expansion for Lineage II, will soon be coming to NA!


Honorable mentions:

  • more content for players
  • a new zone
  • new raid bosses
  • all-new Faction System
  • hunting zones
  • fishing system
  • clans
  • skills
  • items
  • QUESTS galore!
  • UI overhaul


Epic boss Helios! Lord of the Bifrost!헬리오스Raid Boss Ramona.d52ad1eeab586f3a32bf94ac 

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Aion: Tower of Eternity (5.0) releasing soon…

Due to the great Cataclysm, Elyos and the Asmodians are set on a course to recover their past & truth as they travel to the Tower of Eternity in Aion's next game expansion, Echoes of Eternity. Are you ready to face your past? We'll soon find out!


Korean version of the expansion released in November 2015.


As a Daeva, you will soon be able to experience:

Increased maximum level: Become an Archdaeva and progress to level 75! New.

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Black Desert Online’s newest expansion: Valencia Part I scheduled to release on June 1st
Black Desert Online’s newest expansion: Valencia Part I is scheduled to release on June 1st, proving once again that Pearl Abyss is a taskmaster in pushing content and delivering for their demanding playerbase. Valencia’s main focus is primarily desert regions that provide immersion and realistic climate conditions and terrain models for the player, with an emphasis on survival.The trial will run a two week period for players to test the PvP system, and results will be wiped once the demo ends.

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The Division and its future
So. Many people would agree with me when I say the Division is a dying game. The reason being that the number of players abusing glitches and hacks overwhelms the number of genuine players.The main issue with this is the end game content in The Division is strongly focused and built around aspects of pvp, pvp where people can empty there clip into you in under 1 second using a RPM (rounds per minute) hack. The other reason being that.
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