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30 Years of MMO’s
Wonder and Amazement that allows you the player to delve deep into a world of Fantasy and Adventure. I am of course talking about the MMO. Over 30 years ago nobody had ever dreamed of being able to get on a Personal Computer and log onto the internet and enjoy hours of adventure with hundreds to thousands of other gamers it was just unheard of.In 1986 "GemStone" was credited as the worlds first MMO it was a MUD.
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Runescape turns 15! Part 2/3
For part 1: Click hereFor part 3: Click here On the first of November 2011 The Dominion tower was released. Pitting players against older Quest bosses along with some new ones for prizes including Dreadnips (Creatures that would help the player in PvM combat) and BIS gloves at that time On the 28th of February 2012 another controversial update was released. The squeal of fortune was said to be one of the worst updates so far of 2012. Mainly because.
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Elder Scrolls Online pulls in Best MMO!
Recently, Elder Scrolls Online pulled first place in the MMO competition on mmorpg.com. This comes as no surprise, considering Kill on Sight has been on the MMO since late last year.If you would like to join us in Elder Scrolls Online, please get in contact with Poet. We fight for the Ebonheart Pact in-game.Here's more information as to why ESO won game of the year for 2015:"As we stated at the start of this award season, 2015 was all about.
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