30 Years of MMO’s

Wonder and Amazement that allows you the player to delve deep into a world of Fantasy and Adventure. I am of course talking about the MMO. Over 30 years ago nobody had ever dreamed of being able to get on a Personal Computer and log onto the internet and enjoy hours of adventure with hundreds to thousands of other gamers it was just unheard of.

In 1986 “GemStone” was credited as the worlds first MMO it was a MUD with walls of text and script. Almost 30 years later the Library of MMO’s are counted in the 100’s.Some of the games have fallen off int to Obscurity and some have lived on as spiritual successors of other                                                                                                               games and each year they come and go.

The success of the MMO can most likely be traced back to MERIDIAN 59 and then later to the more popular game EVERQUEST. These games being credited for Divorces, Loss of jobs and sometimes even suicide due to people being hooked on them for hours on end and there extreme popularity.

Here is a list of the most popular mmo’s for the last 30 years.

Meridian 59, Everquest 1 and 2, Ultima Online, Underlight, Neverwinter Nights, Eve Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars the Old Republic, Dark Age of Camelot, Runescape, Final Fantasy XI and XIV, Everquest Online Adventures (PS2), Phantasy Star, Matrix Online, Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, Aion, Terra Online, Guild Wars 1&2, LineAge 1&2, City of Heroes, DC Universe Online, Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, StarTrek Online.

Today the MMORPG is a staple of most online gamers and is considered the most go to Genre of game and will most likely continue being that way for a long time especially as Virtual Reality takes hold. What does the future hold for the MMO.

Thank you for reading and taking this trip down memory lane with me.

Runescape turns 15! Part 2/3

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On the first of November 2011 The Dominion tower was released. Pitting players against older Quest bosses along with some new ones for prizes including Dreadnips (Creatures that would help the player in PvM combat) and BIS gloves at that time


On the 28th of February 2012 another controversial update was released. The squeal of fortune was said to be one of the worst updates so far of 2012. Mainly because It featured microtransactions for more then just cosmetic items and becoming one of the first “Pay to win” updates. The idea was simple. Every 24 hours the players would get 1 spin (2 spins for members) The spins would randomly generate an item with XP lamps being a big part of it. And because you could use real money to buy more spins, this lead players to work out that it was possible to spend real money to get a decent amount of XP.


On the 20th of November 2012 The game was completely overhauled. The release of the Evolution of combat (or known by players as EOC) Was and still is, in my own opinion one of the most controversial updates ever. Pre eoc Runescape had its own style of combat, something not found in most MMORPG’s. The EOC update featured a combat system focused around the use of Ability’s (something never used before in Runescape) It changed many things including armours, weapons, food, combat level, experience gain, monsters and anything else relating to combat. Because the game went through such drastic changes 60% of the fan base ended up quitting the game as it “Lost that Runescape feel” and many stating “Now its just another version of WoW”


On the 11th of December the Player owned ports (Known as PoP or Ports by the players) came out. Ports featured the ability to own ships and send your crew out to the eastern seas to explore, bring back resources and a rear piece of a plan for high level armour (level 85 tank armour, it was the best in game at the time)


On the 22nd of February 2013 Jagex announced a poll for them to make a separate game that ran the Runescape servers from the 10th of August 2007. Over 440,000 people voted yes to bring back the old server.


sometime in June 2013 the quest titled “The World Wakes” (In my opinion my favorite update to this date) It featured a tale of how the Gods of Runescape wanted to walk once again on Gielinor (nicknamed Runescape by the people living on the planet) The quest digs into the lore of the gods, the player discovers that Guthix (the God of Balance) was the first god to enter Gielinor and after his arrival many more came and wanted to seize power. Guthix put a stop to this and banned all the gods from entering Gielinor ever again (this is what started the god wars that was mentioned in the 1st part of Runescape turns 15!) the quest came out during the fifth age. Approximately around the 170th year during that age. The gods rose up and the assassination of Guthix occurred. This began the sixth age.


Elder Scrolls Online pulls in Best MMO!

Recently, Elder Scrolls Online pulled first place in the MMO competition on mmorpg.com. This comes as no surprise, considering Kill on Sight has been on the MMO since late last year.

If you would like to join us in Elder Scrolls Online, please get in contact with Poet. We fight for the Ebonheart Pact in-game.

Here’s more information as to why ESO won game of the year for 2015:

As we stated at the start of this award season, 2015 was all about the existing games getting better, delivering content, and expanding both in terms of content and player-base. In our eyes, no other game has done more to improve its lot and deliver on the wants of its players than Elder Scrolls Online.  Not only did Zenimax manage to launch ESO on XB1 and PS4 this year, but they also converted their game to the more viable Buy to Play model. Since then, two massive DLC packs have been released, bringing the Imperial City to life in ESO and just recently the lost Orc city of Orsinium.  Since its launch, ESO has done nothing but improve, and we wish all MMORPGs would follow such an aggressive and confident march towards delivering the best possible experience to their players. Cheers to Zenimax Online for Elder Scrolls Online’s banner year.