30 Years of MMO’s

Wonder and Amazement that allows you the player to delve deep into a world of Fantasy and Adventure. I am of course talking about the MMO. Over 30 years ago nobody had ever dreamed of being able to get on a Personal Computer and log onto the internet and enjoy hours of adventure with hundreds to thousands of other gamers it was just unheard of.

In 1986 “GemStone” was credited as the worlds first MMO it was a MUD with walls of text and script. Almost 30 years later the Library of MMO’s are counted in the 100’s.Some of the games have fallen off int to Obscurity and some have lived on as spiritual successors of other                                                                                                               games and each year they come and go.

The success of the MMO can most likely be traced back to MERIDIAN 59 and then later to the more popular game EVERQUEST. These games being credited for Divorces, Loss of jobs and sometimes even suicide due to people being hooked on them for hours on end and there extreme popularity.

Here is a list of the most popular mmo’s for the last 30 years.

Meridian 59, Everquest 1 and 2, Ultima Online, Underlight, Neverwinter Nights, Eve Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars the Old Republic, Dark Age of Camelot, Runescape, Final Fantasy XI and XIV, Everquest Online Adventures (PS2), Phantasy Star, Matrix Online, Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, Aion, Terra Online, Guild Wars 1&2, LineAge 1&2, City of Heroes, DC Universe Online, Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, StarTrek Online.

Today the MMORPG is a staple of most online gamers and is considered the most go to Genre of game and will most likely continue being that way for a long time especially as Virtual Reality takes hold. What does the future hold for the MMO.

Thank you for reading and taking this trip down memory lane with me.

Overwatch is coming very soon!

The high anticipated FPS Action Shooter has won many hearts over its open beat weekend that wont end till tomorrow! If you haven’t tried the game yet, I would highly recommend giving it a shot. A person can easily see the quality and resources put into the game and its story and why wouldn’t they? It was made by one of the top USA gaming companies known as Blizzard.

Here are some of the extremely well done trailers for Overwatch:

Aeria Games to publish Bless in EU & NA!!!

BLESS Online is coming to North America and Europe and will be published by Aeria Games. Aeria Games just signed publishing rights for the Korean MMORPG Bless Online. It looks like the game is going to be making its way to both North America and Europe. The original article written by Inven News, does not state on any specific release dates so just keep your fingers cross and hope for a fast and good quality localization. Below, you will find some very cool videos showcasing the Triple-A MMORPG!

Runescape – The Heart of Gielinor!

The heart of Gielinor (Also known as the Heart or God Wars Dungeon 2 (GWD2)) will be the second God Wars Dungeon in Runescape located in the Kharidian Dessert, North of the Agility Pyramid and West of Nardah.

Although the update its self isn’t due until the 29th of March at the earliest, there is already content out for The Heart of Gielinor. A community event named “The Heart of Gielinor: Encampment was released on the 17th of March, uncovering the entrance to the dungeon.

Like the first God wars Dungeon. 4 Gods will be featured, where the player is able to kill followers of any of the four gods to gain there kill count to the fight the generals.
The gods include Seren, Zaros, Zammorak and Sliske, each with their own general and section in the dungeon. The new generals will feature on the God Scoreboard ingame.

The new dungeon will be a solo orientated experience and will not include complicated mechanics nor will it really require PvM experience.

Like before the player will be required to fight minions to earn kill count witch will then unlock the door to the boss room once the player has killed 40 faction minions. Each boss will drop some sort of god item such as the first GWD bosses that drop god sword hilts and god sword blade shards.

The boss is intended to be that of Nex or similar although without the complexity behind the Mechanics behind her. It is also expected that killing the generals will take far less time than killing Nex, thus manipulating and lowering the drop rate to compensate.

Unlike the original generals in the first GWD the generals in The Heart of Gielinor will not be accompanied by Lieutenants. All though for the Zammorak and Zaros general encounters there is two bosses/generals


SMITE announces new god, Skadi : Goddess of Winter !

Here is Skadi’s  kit:

  • Passive : Kaldr, The Winter Wolf
    • Kaldr fights by Skadi’s side and has 2 forms: Beast and Elemental. While in Beast form he can attack enemies and be attacked. While Elemental he is immune to attacks and regenerates health over time. His forms can be controlled with Skadi’s Rune of the Hunt, but he will be forced into Elemental form if he loses all Hit Points.
      • Hit Points : 5
      • Attack Speed : 50% of Skadi’s
      • Movement Speed : 110% of Skadi’s
      • Lane Minion Damage : 1 HP lost per 5 hits.
      • Other Source Damage : 1 HP lost from any attack or ability
  • Piercing Cold
    • Skadi throws an icy spear forward, dealing damage (90/140/190/240/290 + 80% of your Physical Power) to enemies and Slowing them for 3s. Kaldr’s basic attacks deal double damage to targets afflicted by Piercing Cold. Cost : 70/75/80/85/90. Cooldown : 15s.
      • Slow : 20/25/30/35/40%
  • Rune Of The Hunt
    • This ability is a toggle. While toggled on, Kaldr assumes Beast form, chasing and attacking the marked enemy. If a marked enemy dies, Kaldr attacks other enemies nearby. When toggled off, Kaldr stops attacking and returns to Skadi, reverting to his Elemental form on the way. This ability can be activated at rank 0 and Kaldr gains new skills as it ranks up. Cost : None. Cooldown : .5s.
      • Basic Attack Damage : 60/80/80/100/100% of Skadi’s Basic Attack Damage
      • Rank 1 : Kaldr gains a dash attack.
      • Rank 3 : Kaldr’s kills heal him.
      • Rank 5 : Kaldr’s attacks give Skadi 10% increased movement speed.
  • Permafrost
    • Skadi freezes the ground for 5s at a target location. The frozen area deals damage (70/100/130/160/190 +60% of your Physical Power) to enemies who set foot on it and causes gods to lose control of their movement as they slide across. Skadi’s movement speed increases by 25% while standing on the area. Cost : 70/75/80/85/90. Cooldown : 18s.
      • Radius : 16/18/20/22/24
  • Ultimate : Winter’s Grasp
    • Snowstorms surround Skadi and Kaldr. Upon activation, enemies in range become Rooted and Kaldr is restored to full health. The storms persist for 5s while dealing damage (10/20/30/40/50 +5% of your Physical Power) to enemies every .5s and making Kaldr immune to damage. Cost : 80/90/00/110/120. Cooldown : 90s.
      • Root Duration : 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2s

Hi-Rez went and featured the winter goddess in a SMITE Machini-mini:

Also,  dmbrandon; a Hi-Rez streamers and employee, streamed Skadi ina  actual conquest match!

Black Desert Cooking Guide

Black desert Online Cooking Guide Recipe

Dish Ingredients Result
Vinegar 1 fruit , 1 yeast,

1 sugar, 1 grain

Cooking ingredient
Flour Find any grain, press “L”, choose second option (grinding), grind it to get flour Cooking ingredient


Press “L” -> mixing,

then mix bottled water  and flour

Cooking ingredient


1 fruit, 1 flour, 1 yeast Cooking ingredient


Find a cow at a farm or pasture,

interact with it to initiate a mini-game

Cooking ingredient


Press “L” -> drying,

then dry milk

Cooking ingredient


Press “L” -> mixing,

then shake milk and sugar

Cooking ingredient


Press “L” -> mixing,

then shake cream and salt

Cooking ingredient


Send your workers to a chicken farm,

for each 10 chicken meat

you’ll get ~3 eggs

Cooking ingredient
Dressing mixture


1 olive oil, 1 egg

2 salt, 1 bottled water

Cooking ingredient
Red sauce


1 base sauce, 2 sugar,

1 meat, 2 bottled water

Cooking ingredient
White sauce


1 base sauce, 1 fruit,

1 milk, 2 wine

Cooking ingredient


1 sugar, 2 yeast,

6 bottled water, 5 grain

Worker recovers 2 Action Points


3 milk, 3 onions,

2 honey, 9 flour

Worker recovers 5 Action Points
Fish fillet chips


7 flour, 2 salt,

3 white sauce, 1 fish

Worker recovers 5 Action points
Cheese pie


7 cheese, 3 butter,

3 eggs, 5 dough

Worker recovers 7 Action Points
Exotic wine


3 dough, 1 syrup,

2 yeast, 5 bottled water

30 min

Fishing speed +1

Aloe yogurt


5 aloe, 2 milk,

3 yeast,  3 sugar

30 min

Fishing speed +1

Fruit wine


3 syrup,

1 exotic wine,

5 fruit, 5 bottled water

60 min

Fishing speed +1

Soft bread


6 dough, 2 yeast,

2 eggs, 3 milk

30 min

Max stamina +100

Lizard kebab


6 lizard meat, 2 red sauce,

6 grain, 4 vegetables, 4 onions

30 min

Max stamina +100

Meat pie


4 meat, 6 dough,

3 sugar, 2 olive oil

60 min

Max stamina +200

Desert dumplings


6 lizard meat, 6 dough,

1 cinnamon, 2 olive oil

60 min

Max stamina +200

Fried fish


1 fish , 2 frying oil, 3 flour 30 min

Movement Speed +1

Fish fillet salad


1 green fish , 2 dressing mixture,

3 onions, 2 cheese

60 min

Movement Speed +1

Meat sandwich


1 soft bread, 7 meat,

3 cheese, 6 vegetables

90 min

Movement Speed +1,

Stamina +200

Grain soup


6 grain, 3 bottled water,

3 wine, 1 salt

30 min

Gathering speed +1



8 vegetables, 4 vinegar,

2 yeast, 2 sugar

60 min

Gathering speed +1

Steamed fish


1 fish , 3 bottled water,

2 salt, 2 garlic

30 min

Accuracy +4

Aloe cookies


5 aloe, 7 dough,

3 honey, 4 sugar

30 min

Aсcuracy +4

Steamed seafood


2 seafood, 3 chili,

6 salt, 6 bottled water

60 min

Accuracy +6

Fruit juice


3 sugar, 5 bottled water,

4 fruit, 1 salt

30 min

Max MP +30

Scented tea


4 flower blossoms,

7 bottled water,

3 honey, 4 fruit

60 min

Max MP +50

Meat stew


2 flour, 3 bottled water,

2 wine, 5 meat

30 min

Max HP +30



8 meat, 3 salt, 1 black pepper,

2 garlic, 2 red sauce

60 min

Max HP +50

Good food


6 meat, 4 flour,

3 bottled water, 1 fish

Pet food

(+40 points)

Organic food


1 green rarity fish , 5 meat,

4 chicken meat, 2 oatmeal

Pet food

(+70 points)

Fried vegetables


6 frying oil, 4 dough,

4 vegetables, 2 eggs

30 min

HP regen +2

Fried chicken


7 chicken meat,

2 eggs, 4 flour, 3 black pepper

60 min

HP regen +5

Grilled sausage


6 meat, 1 onion,

2 black pepper, 2 salt

30 min

All damage  +1

Boiled eggs


6 bottled water, 3 eggs,

1 wine, 1 salt

30 min

All damage  +1



7 meat, 2 base sauce,

2 onions, 4 chili

60 min

All damage +2

Ham sandwich


2 soft bread,

2 grilled sausage,

4 eggs, 5 vegetables

90 min

All damage +3,

Accuracy +8

Black pudding


1 oatmeal, 1 pickles,

5 chicken meat, 7 pig blood

90 min

All damage + 3,

damage vs humans +2

Seafood grilled with butter


1 seafood, 3 butter,

2 salt, 1 olive oil

30 min

Attack speed +1

Smoked fish steaks


1 green rarity fish ,

3 olive oil, 2 salt

60 min

Attack speed +1

Cheese gratin


1 grilled sausage,

3 cheese,  5 dough,

3  red sauce, 4 vegetables

90 min

Max HP +70,

Attack speed +1

Seafood salad with mushrooms


1 seafood, 3 mushrooms,

2 dressing mixture,

30 min

Carrying weight +20

Meat pasta


5 meat, 4 dough,

2 garlic, 3 black pepper

60 min

Carrying weight +40

Stamina +200

Honeycomb cookies


6 honey, 2 eggs,

4 dough, 4 milk

90 min

Carrying Weight +50,

Fishing speed +1

Roasted vegetables


5 vegetables, 2 chili,

2 olive oil, 1 salt

30 min

Jumping height

Fruit pudding


5 fruit, 1 cream,

3 milk, 2 sugar

30 min

MP regen +2

Fruit and vegetable salad


2 vinegar,  4 fruit,

4 vegetables, 4 wine

60 min

MP regen +5

Steamed fowl


5 chicken meat, 3 vegetables,

2 salt, 2 vinegar,

2 syrup

60 min

Experience +3%



2 scented tea, 3 milk,

1 salt, 2 butter

90 min

Combat and crafting experience +5%

Meat croquette


8 meat, 5 flour, 4 frying oil,

2 eggs, 2 cheese

90 min

Experience +5%

Assorted snacks


3 cheese, 1 fried chicken,

2 seafood, 5 fruit

90 min

Crafting experience +5%

Milk tea 2 scented tea,

3 honey,

3 milk, 2 flour

90 min

Experience +8%,

MP regen +5

Stir-fry seafood


1 seafood, 2 white sauce,

2 chili, 4 vegetables

30 min

Casting speed +1

Seafood pasta


2 seafood, 5 dough,

3 wine, 3 garlic

60 min

Casting speed +1

Fruit pie


6 dough, 6 fruit,

3 cream, 4 sugar

90 min

Max MP +70,

Casting Speed +1

Meat soup


 5 bottled water, 5 meat,

3 black pepper, 2 cream

30 min

Critical Strike +1

Fish soup


3 flour, 1 fish , 2 cream,

6 bottled water

60 min

Critical Strike +1



5 grain, 2 olive oil,

5 eggs, 2 salt

60 min

All defenses +2



3 honey,  2 sugar,

6 bottled water,

2 syrup

60 min

All defenses +2

Meat salad


8 meat, 4 dressing mixture,

3 black pepper, 2 vinegar

90 min

All defenses +3,

HP regen +5

Salted fish


1 fish , 3 vinegar,

4 salt, 2 yeast

60 min

Familiarity amount +5%



1 cinnamon, 2 dried pig meat,

3 milk, 2 bottled water

60 min

Vigor points +10

Advanced carrot juice


1 green rarity carrot, 3 sugar,

3 flour, 4 bottled water

Horse HP +200
Special carrot juice


1 blue rarity carrot, 3 sugar,

3 flour, 4 bottled water

Horse HP +300
Steamed whale meat


1 whale meat, 1 honey,

2 salt,

4 garlic, 6 bottled water

75 min

Damage reduction +2

Evasion +8

Whale meat salad 1 whale meat, 3 eggs,

6 cabbage, 3 black pepper,

2 dressing mixture

75 min

Experience +10%

Vigor points +10


Formal Dishes (Rank and lvl 6 or higher)


Dish Ingredients Result
Calpheon formal


1 milk tea,

1 cheese pie,

2 soft bread,

1 meat pasta,

1 fish fillet salad

90 min

All defenses +5

Max HP + 100

HP regen +5

Serentia formal


1 ham sandwich,

1 honeycomb cookies,

2 boiled eggs,

2 fruit wine,

1 meat pie

90 min

All damage +5

Critical chance +5%

Accuracy +10

Valencia North West formal


1 cheese gratin,

1 meat croquette

1 smoked fish steaks

2 beer,

2 roasted vegetables

90 min

Movement speed +2

Fishing speed +2

Gathering speed +2

Medea formal


1 black pudding,

1 oatmeal,

2 exotic wine,

2 grilled sausage,

1 meat salad

90 min

All damage +5

Attack speed +1

Cast speed +1

Knight’s war provisions


1 black pudding,

1 ham sandwich,

1 fruit wine

1 meat croquette

90  min

All damage +5

Damage vs humans +5

All defenses +5

Simple Food and cooking delivery goods (processing)


Dish Ingredients Result
Grain juice


1 bottled water, 3 grain +75-125 HP potion
Concentrated grain juice


3 grain juice +125 HP potion
Enriched grain juice


3 concentrated grain juice +200 HP potion
Delivery box: apprentice cook


15 meat stew Delivery

base price: 5,100

delivery price: 12,750

Delivery box: apprentice cook


10 fried fish

5 exotic wine


base price: 2,250

delivery price: 5,625

Delivery box:skilled cook


15 steak Delivery

base price: 10,500

delivery price: 26,250

Delivery box: skilled cook


20 fruit pudding Delivery

base price: 6,800

delivery price: 17,000

Delivery box: skilled cook


10 soft bread,

5 fruit juice


base price: 3,650

delivery price: 9,125

Delivery box: skilled cook


10 boiled eggs

5 oatmeal


base price: 3,700

delivery price: 9,250

Delivery box: professional cook


10 meat pie,

10 steamed seafood


base price: 14,520

delivery price: 36,300

Delivery box:professional cook


10 scented tea,

10 honeycomb cookies


base price: 27,610

delivery price: 69,025

Delivery box: professional cook


25 omelette Delivery

base price: 13,475

delivery price: 33,687

Delivery box: professional cook


20 seafood pasta Delivery

base price: 17,600

delivery price: 43,750

Delivery box: craftsman cook


10 sumptuous steamed seafood,

15 meat croquette


base price: 32,580

delivery price: 81,450

Delivery box:craftsman cook


20 fruit wine,

10 plain meat pie


base price: 37,920

delivery price: 94,800

Delivery box:craftsman cook


20 bitter mead Delivery

base price: 30,960

delivery price: 77,400

Delivery box: craftsman cook


30 desert dumplings Delivery

base price: 57,270

delivery price: 143,175

Delivery box: master cook


50 sutaecha Deliver

base price: 73,500

delivery price: 183,750

Delivery box: master cook


20 fish fillet chips

10 thick juicy steak


base price: 19,200

delivery price: 48,000

Delivery box: master cook


15 sweet fruit wine

15 crispy meat croquette


base price: 27,600

delivery price: 69,000

Delivery box: master cook


20 bloody black pudding Delivery

base price: 63,000

delivery price: 157,700

Components substitution


Item Possible substitutions
Any component 5 Common rarity = 3 green (uncommon) = 1 blue (rare)

3 white = 1 green

(e.g. instead of 5 fruit with white border

you can put 1 with blue or 3 with green)

Fruit apple, grapes, strawberry
Grain corn, wheat, barley, potato, sweet potato
Vegetable pumpkin, tomato, cabbage, paprika

but not carrot

Meat any meat

but not lizard or chicken meat (닭고기)

Fish 2 dried fish, 1 dried green rarity fish
Some dishes as component Some proc components requires 50% quantity: blue scented tea, blue grilled sausages, oatmeal etc

(e.g. for milk tea you need 1 blue rarity scented tea instead of 2 green)

Green rarity fish 4 dried fish, 2 dried green rarity fish,

1 dried blue rarity fish


(star, squid, crabs,etc)

2 dried seafood
Flower blossom roses, tulips, sunflowers

SMITE is coming to the PS4!

The action-packed, God-fighting MOBA is heading to the Playstation 4 for open beta on March 22nd, 2016!


At that point, the game will be Free to Play to anyone on the PS4, but if you’re eager to play before the 22nd, you can grab a Beta Code by liking SMITE on social media! Click here to verify and unlock your Beta code. For those who are already in the PS4 Beta, you don’t have to do anything except continue enjoying SMITE!

The PS4 Open Beta will be happening alongside SMITE’s 2nd Birthday celebration where we’ll have daily events, crazy sales, and more! Stay tuned in the weeks leading up to find out more.

How to survive in The Division!

                                                                      The Division Guide

How to make money:

The Division has two major currencies. Dark Zone Credits are earned and used in and around the Dark Zone, so you’ll be focusing on that in endgame. For the bulk of your campaign experience, it’s bog-standard Credits you need to worry about.

Credits are earned in a variety of ways as you play, and you’ll want a lot of them – even the vendors who hang out in your Base of Operations will occasionally have something tasty on show.

So how do you make your wallet fatter? Here are our preferred methods:

  • Complete side-activities

When servers go live you can just bet most players will be rushing through the story missions, aiming to hit that end-game level cap and start rushing the Dark Zone. But as well as being a shared worlds RPG and tactical cover shooter, The Division is an Ubisoft game in the tradition of Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs and Far Cry, and you know what that means.

On the off chance you somehow don’t, what it means is this: the map will offer you a bunch of activities that aren’t related to the critical story path. These activities will reward you with XP, loot and money, better equipping you for the main missions, so why wouldn’t you do them?

For best results, regularly check maps and notice boards at hubs for details of new activities and events. You’ll quickly learn which kinds of activities you enjoy and find the most lucrative.

  • Fill ya boots, sell ya loot

This might seem obvious, but offloading your old gear at vendors is one way to obtain currency. The “mark as junk” feature makes this very easy to do in bulk.

Be smart about this: when you’re heading out into the game world, empty out your backpack as much as possible. (If you’re only going to do some low-level stuff you know you can steamroll, leave behind your back-up gear and stick to one build.) This will ensure you have plenty of room for loot. Don’t walk away leaving trash loot on the street when you could convert it into dollars! Every bit counts.

Although you might not be levelling at as spanking a pace as in the betas, you’ll still find yourself outgrowing your old gear on the reg. Think about what to keep, and what to chuck in your stash for later. You don’t need half a dozen identical rifles with slightly different stats, but it might be worthwhile holding onto a slightly out-of-date shotgun if you don’t have a close-quarters alternative.

  • Don’t spend money unnecessarily

Unless you’ve got a really obvious gap in your build – one piece of armour drastically under-levelled, for example – there’s no need to buy gear while you’re levelling up. On your way to the cap you’ll find equipment turnover is rapid even when you’re purely reliant on drops. Don’t waste your ready now when that little whack of cash might be all you need to buy an end-game gun in a few days’ time.

That said, make sure you’re not being too cheap. Keep an eye one how much cash you’re earning during missions and activities, and if it stacks up well against the cost of some tasty item you’ll only use for a few levels, go for it. It’s just a time investment, after all.

  • Dark Zone runs

You knew it was coming. The Dark Zone is where all the best loot in the game is, and even the worst drops here will net you decent payments when you clear them out of your inventory at the nearest vendor.

Look for unique named NPCs and drop them for a very high chance of valuable gear, or go rogue, if you must. Try to fill up your stash before extracting, then cash in all your contaminated gear back at your Base of Operations.

The vendors in your base will bleed credits in exchange for this tasty stuff, even if it seems like rubbish in comparison to your equipped sets. Really good drops, of course, should be kept and equipped; we’re only human.