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World of Warcraft: Legion hype is real!
So to those of you who somehow may not already know, Legion, WoW's upcoming expansion is getting a lot hype! there are multiple reason why this is, but this post will only cover a few such as:
  1. The Warcraft movie is now only 4 days away from it's release! Now only will the movie introduce World of Warcraft to a plethora of people who know nothing about it, it is also going to evoke feelings from the games overall player-base..
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Aeria Games to publish Bless in EU & NA!!!
BLESS Online is coming to North America and Europe and will be published by Aeria Games. Aeria Games just signed publishing rights for the Korean MMORPG Bless Online. It looks like the game is going to be making its way to both North America and Europe. The original article written by Inven News, does not state on any specific release dates so just keep your fingers cross and hope for a fast and good quality localization. Below, you will find.
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Smite remodels Loki the Trickster God!
Loki, the Trickster god, has finally got a graphical remodel!  Even though I don't play him, I do think this remodel was very needed.  Not only does Loki's new model look more crisp, it fits in with the evolving graphics of Smite.  I know for sure that I am not the only SMITE fan that is happy to see them constantly updating old gods, while still coming out with awesome new ones! And if this remodel wasn't enough, SMITE adds.
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Smite comes out with new god : Ratatoskr!
Ratatoskr seems to be based off speed. With a lot of his skills we see quite a bit of range and mobility. Ratatoskr defiantly looks like he's going to be the main for Junglers and Soloers maybe even ADC if his basic attack is ranged.Check out his reveal page at : http://www.hirezstudios.com/smite/promo/god-reveal/ratatoskr.
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