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Gloria Victus MMO
So you might be asking yourself "What in the heck is Gloria Victus ? " GV is set in Medieval times. Four factions duke it out for territory. The best way to describe the Four nations in the game are to give you some adjectives."Empire of Azebia" - Think Sultans, Desert Warriors and Assassins "Nordheim or Ismirs" - Vikings, Germanic Warriors and Axes "Midlanders" - Knights, and Kings with Castles                    .
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The Guns of The Division
So in The Division Beta we got a feel for a small portion of guns in the game and how they will be usefull in the main game. The fact that you are able to carry a main weapon, a secondary weapon and a sidearm all at the same time says that it will be all about the rolls and caitering to all play styles with a number of Shotguns, SMG’s, Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles, LMG’s and Pistol’s for your.
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The Division Open Beta Goes Live February 19th!

The Division Open Beta is due to hit uPlay on February 19th, & be accessible until the 21st of February.

Pre-loading the Beta will be available from the 16th of February, the game will unlock on the 19th of February.

To pre-load The Division beta, you will need to download uPlay from the Ubisoft Website.

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The All New Edition to the Bethesda Softworks Family… Fallout 4


 Fallout 4 is the new, highly anticipated installment of the Fallout Franchise. Bethesda Softworks has kept this one under its belt until it was announced at E3 in 2015. The announcement of Fallout 4 was a shock to most fans of the series, but the biggest shock was yet to come... Not only was Fallout 4 announced... but it was also given a Release date of the 10th of November.

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Get Early Access to the exclusive Ark: Survival Evolved Action Adventure RPG! It is now live!
KoS Gaming Community is in the process of launching the ARK: Survival Evolved division to our spread of PC MMO divisions! The highly anticipated Ark, an action adventure RPG, has opened their doors to early access players with a host of veteran developers and game designers on the taskforce. This Early Access development stage will extend to one year, with a full release scheduled for June 2016. Their updates are active three times a week, with bug fixes; almost always including.
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