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Dark and Light MMO
Sometimes a game comes along with major potential and leaves as soon as its released or completely off the radar of gamers. Well that was the case with Dark and Light back in 2006. The games original feel was like Everquest met Ark Survival and was very enjoyable but was extremely buggy and was felt programmed in haste. The technology for a game of its magnitude just want there in 2006 and it led to many bad reviews.  Here now.
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ARK NEWS: Devs Introducing 9 new PvE Servers
 ARK: Survival Evolved released 9 new PvE servers today for players not interested in the PvP combat system challenges. The Studio Wildcard  Indie Development Team have also patched in single player mode before the launch was barely in its first hours of launching and now have introduced PvE servers in 1.6 before people had time to roll over. This development team is tireless & fixed on bringing the quality with this Dinosaur Sandbox MMORPG!03  .
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Elite Dangerous comes out with big update!
http://www.pcgamer.com/elite-daElite Dangerous comes out with big update!ngerous-11-update-released/"It's time to stop being a space person, and start being a space community. Or something to that effect. Elite: Dangerous's 1.1 update has released, unleashing community goals upon the citizens of space.The point of community goals is to... well, you know, provide goals for the community to complete. They're a shared objective that let people collaborate to, for instance, transport a specific cargo or take down a.
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