Of Kings And Men


To Call Of Kings And Men another Hack and Slash Medieval Persistent Game would be make you wrong. Released on Aug,25,2016 on Steam it has turned many heads a game that came out of left field and few new of its existence. It has garnered a lot of attention from Mount and Blade fans and many of the medieval MMO lovers.

This game places you in the shoes of a peasant and you have to mold them into a soldier of your liking whether it be Archer or Sword and board or pole arm and even from the back of a horse its up to you. The gear in the game is earned thru progression use one item and the next one is unlocked as you continually use it. There is level progression as you gain XP you level your stats.

As of this writing there are Four game modes all with drastically different game play. The first being the most important known as “Epic” it gives you a large map with hexes that Factions and Guilds attack and take control of giving your people prestige and renown it is releasing on Sep 1. Conquest takes a big chunk of your time being one of the main 2 modes most people play at the moment it places you in the thick of battle fighting for Capture and hold points amongst hundreds of other players. Duel is another game mode and is exactly as it sounds you versus another player testing your personal skills.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in then check it out on steam. Of Kings and Men is an amazing game and it will not disappoint. Much more is to take place after its initial Early Release a Huge open world and Much much much more.



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