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Of Kings And Men
 To Call Of Kings And Men another Hack and Slash Medieval Persistent Game would be make you wrong. Released on Aug,25,2016 on Steam it has turned many heads a game that came out of left field and few new of its existence. It has garnered a lot of attention from Mount and Blade fans and many of the medieval MMO lovers.This game places you in the shoes of a peasant and you have to mold them into a soldier of.
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Get Early Access to the exclusive Ark: Survival Evolved Action Adventure RPG! It is now live!
KoS Gaming Community is in the process of launching the ARK: Survival Evolved division to our spread of PC MMO divisions! The highly anticipated Ark, an action adventure RPG, has opened their doors to early access players with a host of veteran developers and game designers on the taskforce. This Early Access development stage will extend to one year, with a full release scheduled for June 2016. Their updates are active three times a week, with bug fixes; almost always including.
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