Warhammer40K: Eternal Crusade

Where does one start when talking about the world or Warhammer with its a decades of History and Lore across multiple Genres. Games Workshop created Warhammer in the late 1970’s and it has continued to be enjoyed well into the present day by young kids and adults alike. This brings me to 2016 BEHAVIOUR is creating a Squad Based Tactical FPS MMO based in the Warhammer 40K world with its futuristic setting with many denizens of the universe vying for control of a planet with technology varying from Swords of Power to Dark Magic bestowed upon them by Dark Gods. You the player take the role of one of the Four factions present currently in the game.

You have the Eldar a race of beings that have seen the galaxy change hands multiple times. Basically Space Elves with Hover tanks and Laser weapons and Fast Agile Melee Troops and Magical Warlocks. Space Marines genetically Engineered super humans with unimaginable strength and skill clad in Power Armor and weapons ranging from Powered Swords and Hammers to Large Machine guns called bolters and Marines with Medical Skills that heal there squads on the go. Chaos Space Marines who have turned there hands from helping mankind and joined Dark Gods of ruthless and Disgusting powers warped from being anything but any trace of human. Massive hulking demons in armor carrying massive Axes and fearsome powers that make enemies ill and poisoned or there Dark Cult following Sorcerers who channel Dark Magic and Healing powers. The Orks a Guttural race of creatures that live for war and looting with hulking machines pieced together from scrap metal and things found scattered after battles. WH40K:EC will have many modes to play at release. Small skirmish modes to full fledged battles taking place with hundreds of players working together to take control points.


The games MMO features will also haveEC a whole planet you can traverse on foot or in avehicle with your fellow faction moving along to conquer cities and bases not unlike a current game known as Planetside of course EC will have its own flavor and major differences. A mode currently in the works takes a small squad into corridors and large rooms to fight one of Warhammer’s most feared factions the Tyranids in an endless wave of combat and if you survive you will be rewarded with Gear and XP to further strengthen your characters. The game features Five or more sub-factions per faction with there own Fluff, History and Color Schemes to further your experience. Loot Drops and Gear will play a major role as in all MMO’s and a Large Skill tree to let you tailor your game play to your own liking. The game is in Early Access on Steam and is available to play as it is being developed. The BeHAVIOUR Team updates the game with new features weekly and keeps the games community up to date weekly with a Live stream cast about every Friday explaining changes to the game and what is being developed. So if your interested jump in and join the thousands of players already experiencing the game.

www.eternalcrusade.com   www.bhvr.com   www.games-workshop.com    WH40K: Eternal Crusade on Steam

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